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Brian Mullen

Brian Mullen

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[Note: Professor Brian Mullen died May 4, 2006, in Canterbury. Social Psychology Network is maintaining this profile for visitors who wish to learn more about Professor Mullen's work.]

Professor Mullen's research interests: (1) applying social-cognitive principles to the study of group processes and intergroup behaviour; (2) the causes and consequences of cognitive representations of groups; (3) hate speech, ethnophaulisms (names for outgroups) and ethnonyms (names for ingroups); and (4) meta-analysis.

Primary Interests:

  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Group Processes
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Prejudice and Stereotyping
  • Research Methods, Assessment
  • Social Cognition

Journal Articles:

  • Mullen, B. (in press). A social psychological study of ethnonyms: The effects of ingroup names on intergroup hostility. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
  • Mullen, B. (2004). Sticks and stones can break my bones, but ethnophaulisms can alter the portrayal of immigrants to children. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 30, 250-260.
  • Mullen, B., Migdal, M.J., & Rozell, D. (2003). Self-awareness, deindividuation, and social identity: Unraveling theoretical paradoxes by filling empirical lacunae. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29, 1071-1081.
  • Mullen, B., Pizzuto, C., & Foels, R. (2002). Altering intergroup perceptions by altering prevailing mode of cognitive representation: “They look like people.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 83, 1333-1343.
  • Mullen, B., & Rice, D.R. (2003). Ethnophaulisms and exclusion: The behavioral consequences of cognitive representation of ethnic immigrant groups. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29, 1056-1067.
  • Mullen, B. & Smyth, J.M. (2004). Immigrant suicide rates as a function of ethnophaulisms: Hate speech predicts death. Psychosomatic Medicine, 66, 343-348.
  • Rice, D.R., & Mullen, B. (2003). Isaac, Ishmael, and Janus: Past and future lessons regarding the ethnic categorization of faces. Journal of Applied Cognition, 17, 1129-1147.

Other Publications:

  • Mullen, B., & Leader, T. (2005). Linguistic factors: Antilocutions, ethnonyms, ethnophaulisms, and other varieties of hate speech. In P. Glick, L. Rudman, & J. Dovidio (Eds.), On the Nature of Prejudice: Fifty years after Allport. Malden, MA: Blackwell.
  • Mullen, B., & Pizzuto, C. (in press). The effects of social distinctiveness: The phenomenology of being in a group. In J.B. Worthen & R. Hunt (Eds.), Distinctiveness and memory. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.
  • Rice, D.R., & Mullen, B. (2005). Cognitive representations and exclusion of ethnic immigrant groups. In D. Abrams, M.A. Hogg, & J.M. Marques (Eds.) The social psychology of inclusion and exclusion. New York, NY: Psychology Press.

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